from Dan McKeown

I am a programmer and writer. I have created an audio podcast, a video podcast, an ebook store, a free WordPress theme, and an open source card deck engine. Lots of other stuff too: for example, this site is partly built with Ryukyu, the front-end CSS/JS library that I created.

photo of Dan

photo by Jessica McKeown


Out-of-cage time for Bogey and Belleparakeets

Quinault River from the Graves Creek campground, Olympic National Forest

Magnolia Branch of the Seattle Public Library [panorama]

The I-5 bridge from the University Bridge, Seattle


Butte, Montana towers

Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore: swamp as seen from road

Land's End from the hills above Baker Beach in late afternoon

Hollywood Hills

A Yosemite Peak


We got the parakeets a swingset over the holidays but they're still keeping a distance (as Sparta does here) as they get used to it

playing card backfree blackjack game

West Maui Mounatains

looking west in the Outer Richmond

Crossing the Continental Divide novel

Mammoth Hot Springs

View while arriving at downtown Seattle via the Bainbridge Island Ferry

Green Lake Park at the start of summer